Bnha x male reader harem

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Introduction 2. Aizawa Shouta Eraserhead 3. Mirio Toogata 4. Shinsou Hitoshi 5. Iida Tenya 6. Bakugou Katsuki 7. Todoroki Enji Endeavor 8. Midoriya Izuku 9. Yoarashi Inasa Chisaki Kai Overhaul Kouda Koji Tomura Shigaraki Dabi Toshinori Yagi All Might Amajiki Tamaki Shouji Mezo Todoroki Enji Endeavor II Sekijiro Kan Vlad King Ryo Inui Hound Dog Taishiro Toyomitsu Fatgum Kaminari Denki Mirai Sasaki Sir Nighteye.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Yusuke is a minotaur, his father was a demon his mother was human. He wanted him to have a human life, but Spirit World found him and locked him up. After 2 years of imprisonment, Koenma has to free Yusuke because he needs his help.

Yusuke agrees on a few conditions. A Academy Izuku finds himself in a parallel world, where he begins his second life.

His only possessions are the body that God gave back to him and a smartphone that works even in this new world. As he meets all kinds of new people and forges new friendships, he ends up learning the secret to this world. He works together with the royalty of some very laid-back countries on his carefree travels through this new world and even, eventually, inherits a legacy of an ancient civilization.

He gives names to monsters and they evolve, his followers think their master deserves a proper harem and work on getting him one.

STUCK IN A ROOM WITH HINATA - Hinata Shoyo x Listener [Haikyuu Audio Roleplay ASMR]

Ichigo has a rather unique zanpakuto, he stands as the lieutenant of the 7th squad. His captain may be a bit strange but he's happy in this squad. Together they learn the nature of their souls and the souls of others.

bnha x male reader harem

Igneel didn't want to leave Natsu fully alone, so he used an ancient magic known as blood magic to fuse some of his blood to Natsu and create a living being. It bonds with Natsu and acts as his protector and guide, which Natsu would appreciate if it wasn't whispering perverted things into his ear. Natsu found a strange meteorite with a creature inside, it bonds with him and becomes a living armor that whispers perverted things in his ear. He calls it Lust because it's so perverted, not only does it mess with his body while he sleeps, but also keeps saying that his friends want to have sex with him, and that's just crazy right?

Not crazy at all, and Lust is determined to make sure his future mates are perfect for him, his Natsu gets the best. Malfoy fait l'erreur d'insulter Lambo, mais ce n'est pas lui qui se prend le bazooka.When life gives me pain, I take that pain and push it down.

bnha x male reader harem

And if that pain starts to come up again, I push more pain down on top of it. Seemingly being the key word. From this ask. Two hands rested on your shoulders. One of them slowly detached, moving up to fiddle with a lock of your hair.

Instead, you look towards the ground at your two bare feet, shivering in the cold. You can still see his coat, blue and embroidered with gold around every edge. His boots are scuffed at the edges, yet somehow polished on top.

But there was a time where you can remember that he had more muscle on his body. Strong-to-be and capable. Keep reading. Here's an idea maybe- maybe a Reader running away from yandere hawks and Dabi -poly-?

I don't see many poly with those two.

bnha x male reader harem

He was mad, more like furious, with you. When Keigo walked in, he had expected to come home to a nice site, Dabi in bed with you, laying down or doing other things. The winged hero walked up to him, resting his arm on his shoulder. How long have you been home? She keeps trying to fucking run away — this time she actually succeeded.

He whistled lowly. Dabi sighed, running a scarred hand through ash black hair and turned to him. Keigo nodded. His vibrant gold eyes shining with excitement. You knew between the hero and the villain, there was no chance of finding a hiding spot.

In the light, then Hawks would be there, waiting for you. Dabi blends in with the shadows. The first time you had ever met he had caught you in the darkness, striking when you had least expected it. It was ironic, because right now it was the middle of the night, and you were running on a sidewalk, the street lights feeling more like a beacon.

It felt like you could never run fast enough because at any time one of them, or both, could chase after you. You heard him before you saw him. You stopped. Kiego landed in front of you. Leaned back, his hands in his pockets and his red wings still stretched out. He tsked and shook his head. You walked back, begging him to just leave you alone.

Maybe a little tough love will fix that attitude of yours. Especially if he just brushed his teeth, then you get a sweet mint as well that ends up with you against the wall while he takes what he wants from your pretty lips.

Bnha x Male Reader

He just gets so excited, but he pushes it down. He likes it that way.What have I done… Just… pretend you are both consenting adults. It's the only way I can even justify this.

You weren't sure how long the power had been out, but it was long enough for the room to cool considerably.

bnha x male reader harem

The brisk autumn wind had chilled the two of you to the bone on the walk home. It was a night that carried with it a shivering desire on each icy gust. It bore new meaning to the phrase 'there was something in the air. You chewed your bottom lip in restraint, gazing into his emerald eyes. The viridian hues melded with the sapphire moonbeams from the window.

The desired object was found hanging over the arm of your couch. A shudder lurched through your body. You were still freezing despite the growing warmth in your cheeks. You only managed to find one lurking under the bathroom sink. You lit it and returned to find Midoriya's head poking out of the blankets like a turtle.

You smirked. Izuku pulled the fabric over his head like a hood. You giggled at him, setting the candle on the nightstand. Unfortunately the flame added an enticing golden-orange ambiance to an already too-tempting situation.

I'm freezing. He shifted the blanket to share it evenly with you, but it was no use. There was no way to wrap it without leaving a gap for the frigid air to sneak in. A jittery feeling arose in his stomach. He suppressed it with a quick huff and plopped onto his side.

To his comfort, you were right. It was much warmer this way. And he was much closer to you, which he didn't mind. Even in the dim lighting, you were able to watch a deep blush fill his freckled cheeks. You reached out your fingertips, brushing his face with a tormenting tenderness. The electrifying chemistry of the contact was undeniably satisfying.A male reader here. Your last semester at UA was really really difficult, if you were being honest. It made sense for it to be, UA was one of the most prestigious schools.

All the hero course students were basically studying together as one big clusterfuck — there were specific tables at the library that had all but been roped off for your classes whenever you needed it. Hero students would show up, sit at the tables and study with whomever was there. Usually you got a good mix of 1-A and 1-B students. Iida, Kendou, and Yaoyorozu were there a lot trying to help in any way they could. Kaminari, Tetsutetsu, and Sero were usually there trying to understand multiple subjects.

When you got there that afternoon on a Sunday though, the tables were empty. It was near silent for a good twenty minutes and you were so in the zone that a stack of books being dropped on the table next to you made you nearly fling yourself from your chair.

You look up with irritation, ready to tear into whom you are assuming is one of your friends playing a prank, and are met with angry red eyes. Bakugou Katsuki. Keep reading. Bakugou heard your shrill voice down the boys dorm room hallway, to which he rolled his eyes.

He wondered what ridiculous game you were going to force him to play this week. You held up the shiny cover that was Until Dawn. His mouth almost dropped open. He let his surprised face drop and he smirked at them. He took his anger out on video games and as a result he was amazing at them. He even got a few hundred thousand followers because of his top notch ability. You secretly wondered if it was because how easy on the eyes he was.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Ever wanted to hang out with Bakugo? Or work out with Kirishima? Study with Deku?

Protect him[Bakugou Katsuki x Male!Reader]

Throw a party with 1-A? Or hell, even kiss Todoroki? Stop lying, of course you have. You can do all that and more here, and I'll do most requests, no smut, sorry! Requests are currently open I won't do any requests I don't want to do, sorry. Latest Chapter: Denki x Reader. And it's even more shitty considering he can't feel pain so he has no idea if he's pushing himself too far. He absolutely refuses to keep a diary Hopefully life at U.

This is basically a big dump of fluff, angst, headcanons, and all around cute and adorable things with all our wonderful boys and girls in My Hero Academia. Happy reading! Dreams can come true with all your favorite boys and girls here in my new shot section! Mainly BNHA but others will be featured.

Take your pick!Especially if he just brushed his teeth, then you get a sweet mint as well that ends up with you against the wall while he takes what he wants from your pretty lips. He just gets so excited, but he pushes it down. He likes it that way. Shoulders, wrists, arms, knuckles, neck, ear, chest, stomach, thighs. Iida refuses to let one stray paparazzi snag a picture of you two, which has happened. So, yea, he stuck to sweet, simple kisses just in case of stray eyes that caught you.

He is all over you, hands everywhere, your legs around his waist, and he is biting where no one will see, and kissing at your neck until you have to push him off, or pinning you down while he kisses you for the next hour.

Its when he really is allowed to be intimate without fear, and able to really show you how badly he wanted you all day. He licks your bottom lip, and bites, and its just perfect. Overall kisses from Iida are constantly wonderful. He picks at his lips often, causing little cuts and rips that bleed, which is why he tastes so much like pennies. Honestly, he eats like a toddler. His diet mainly consists of liquor and sweets, which is why he tastes so heavily of sugar that it almost overpowers everything else, even though half the time the sugar on his tongue tastes like its been burnt until bitter.

Those kisses are usually soft, with his chapped, scarred lips bumping yours as softly as he can manage. Its rich, and suffocating, and absolutely addicting.

It makes you squirm as he takes over your lips. He lives for it. Sit in his lap and kiss his scarred jaw to make him melt and kiss you hard. He is so soft for you pecking his burnt skin.

He kisses you soft and sweet, with his hands trailing over your skin with nothing but care and love.

Bakugou Katsuki

He puts on chapstick in an attempt to lessen the blow of his burnt skin, but it rarely helps. But a sure way to make him need to be with you is if you give him a kiss on his cheek piercings.

That smell and taste follows him at all times to the point its a question if he bathes in wine.


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