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Ten photos from across China: April 10 - April Robots play useful role in anti-virus effort. Rooftop garden in heart of Beijing. Culture blossoms in Yunnan. Investors remain optimistic on China. Sex abuse of minors gets attention. Volunteer delivers thanks to Shanghai medical staff. Public feedback sought on list of edible animals. Expert: Joining forces key to beating pandemic. China to strengthen renovation of old communities in urban areas.

Dusty, sandy air to sweep northern region. Four children found dead, buried in Henan earthwork. Senior official calls for stronger legal guarantee for public health. Courts come down hard against outbreak prevention violations. CPC to step up efforts in curbing 'formalities for formalities' sake' practices. China's AG amphibious aircraft conducts test flights over sea.

Holidays and Observances in China in 2020

World's largest rectangular shield tunneling machine rolls off production line. China's Chang'e-4 probe resumes work for 17th lunar day. Researchers develop microbiome search method to rapidly detect diseases. Chongqing universities to help Hubei grads find jobs. Martial arts teacher in Wuhan still kicking in online lessons. Chinese universities expected to enrolldoctoral students in China issues guidelines for orderly college reopening amid epidemic prevention.

Millions to benefit from online vocational training.Today, mercifully, only five communist countries remain across the world, co-existing with about other nations—a majority with democratic governance of differing kinds. With 89 million members, the Chinese Communist Party CCP is the largest political party in the world, larger than the entire population of Germany. However, because of its huge population about 1. Like North Korea and Russia, the party-state in China pretends to be a democracy.

Isaac Stone Fish, a senior fellow at the U. In the seven years I lived in China, no Chinese person who was not a Communist Party hack could tell me with a straight face they were living in a democracy.

We determined that for 41, transplants done in the years in China, the sourcing beyond any reasonable doubt was Falun Gong prisoners of conscience. David Matas and I visited about a dozen countries to interview Falun Gong practitioners who had managed to escape both the camps and the country.

They told us of working in appalling conditions for up to sixteen hours daily in these camps with no pay and little food, crowded sleeping conditions and torture. This constitutes gross corporate irresponsibility and a violation of WTO rules; it also calls for an effective response by all trading partners of China.

The Chinese regime is not going to open up because of our trade with it. The gains we have made… may be lost… and such a historical tragedy as the Cultural Revolution may happen again.

Governments, investors and business people should also examine why they are supporting the violation of so many basic human rights in order to increase trade and investment with China. This has resulted mostly in national jobs being outsourced to China and continuous increases in bi-lateral trade and investment deficits.

Are we so focused on access to inexpensive consumer goods that we ignore the human, social and natural environment costs paid by abused Chinese nationals to produce them? Many Chinese nationals seek the same things as the rest of the world: safety and security, the rule of law, respect, education, good jobs, democratic governance, and a good natural environment.

The party-state must end its systematic violations of human rights and begin to treat its trade partners with respect if the 21st century is to move towards harmony and coherence. Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

china today

Facebook Tweet LinkedIn Email. Taiwan Shows America the Way Forward. China's Tech Totalitarianism. Thinking About China. David Kilgour. October 24, Updated: October 24, Chinese Regime. US News. CCP Virus.BEIJING AP — China reported a surge in deaths and infections from a new virus Thursday after changing the way the count is tallied, further clouding an epidemic that has stirred fear as it spread to more than two dozen countries.

The spike came after two days in which the number of new cases dropped and brought little clarity for those desperate to understand the trajectory of the outbreak. The answer has proved frustratingly elusive despite the official reports.

The death toll in China from the disease known as COVID reached 1, up from a day earlier, and the number of confirmed cases jumped to 59, up 15, More than 13, of the newly-reported infections were a result of the new way of counting. It was also seen as a reflection of a chaotic crush of people seeking treatment and the struggle to keep up with a backlog of untested samples. Those followed the sacking earlier in the week of two leaders of the provincial health commission and reports from state media of a slew of others expelled from the party for missteps related to the epidemic.

The public has widely criticized local officials for failing to respond quickly and decisively to the new virus. Authorities initially assured people that there was little to no risk of human-to-human transmission, a statement that was later retracted. Wuhan residents said hospitals were overcrowded and lacked sufficient medical supplies.

So you have to be a bit skeptical when you see these changes in case definition. Still, in an unprecedented attempt to contain the disease, the Chinese government has placed the hardest-hit cities — home to more than 60 million — under lockdown.

A local government notice advised residents that basic necessities would be distributed and help would be provided to obtain medicine. In Japan, a first death — a woman in her 80s — was reported, the third fatality outside of mainland China, following deaths in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

And the health ministry announced 44 more people on a cruise ship quarantined in the port of Yokohama, near Tokyo, tested positive for the virus, bringing the total to In Cambodia, another cruise ship, the Westerdam, finally docked after being turned away by several Asian and Pacific governments. And in Vietnam, official media reported that a village of 10, northwest of the capital, Hanoi, was put in lockdown due to a cluster of cases there.

Provided China continues to tally with the new method, it would give a chance for an apples-to-apples, day-to-day comparison. Lipkin traveled to China to help researchers and public health officials in assessing the risk of COVID, and was marking his ninth day of home quarantine Thursday. He has tested negative for the virus and shown no symptoms, but looks with anticipation to the end of his confinement on Tuesday. He plans to mark it, in public, with a dry martini.

Associated Press writers Carla K. This story corrects the number of confirmed cases in mainland China to 59, not 52, Virus cases surge after China revises way count is tallied. China on Thursday reported new deaths and a spike in virus cases of 15, after the hardest-hit province of Hubei applied a new classification system that broadens the scope of diagnoses for the outbreak, which has spread to more than 20 countries. Chinatopix Via AP. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news.

The Associated Press.

china today

All rights reserved.Urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka are among Japan's 47 prefectures where the hospital bed vacancy rate for patients suffering from the coronavirus is… Read. Man arrested for assaulting bar manager with beer glass.

Woman arrested over murder of husband in Iwate Pref. Hikaru Utada previews new song as she hikes through Japan Alps. Release of final 'Evangelion' movie postponed because of coronavirus. Abe backs WHO on coronavirus. China suffers worst economic drop since '70s in virus battle.

China reopens wet markets in Wuhan as COVID-19 pandemic sweeps world

Japanese firms making medical gowns, sanitizer amid virus spread. Singapore disinfecting robot trialled in virus fight. Zoom rolls out new measures as security fears mount. Serena Williams' coach and Nadal planning matches at academies.

Japanese pro baseball opening delayed again; no date set for resumption. S Korea's new coronavirus cases fall to single digits for first time in two months.

Trump warns China could face 'consequences' over pandemic. GaijinPot curates jobs from companies in Japan that want to hire people like you! Japan's health ministry on Sunday recorded new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the nation's toll to 10, excluding the Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers … Read. A year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault after he hit a year-old woman in the face with a beer glass at the… Read.

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china today

Credit card payment. No guarantor required. Taiga Fukutani, a comedian whose entertainment bookings dried up following the coronavirus disease COVID outbreak, poses for photos near a theater in which he used… See. Scholarships Available. Project runway: Olympian Morris builds own pole vault setup.

Tokyo Games won't provide much economic stimulus for Japan: researchers.Inanother epidemic swept through China. That time, the world came together. Beijing faces a diplomatic crisis after reports of mistreatment of Africans in China causes outrage.

As China lifts restrictions, here's where its people want to travel. News and buzz Biden campaign launches counterattack on Trump over coronavirus and China.

Covid antibody tests can help people rejoin society, but some are stuck in China. People aren't leaving home. But they're still buying beauty products. The EU is facing a 'moment of truth' as it tackles mammoth economic crisis, Macron warns. China could emerge from the pandemic even stronger. The US dollar is still king during the coronavirus. The photographer who captured Hong Kong's disappearing past.

10 astounding facts to help you understand China today

Race against time: Saving the largest archive of Chinese American history from fire. A billionaire art collector will distribute 10 million face masks in vending machines around Hong Kong. My three-week, life-changing trip to China, which spurred a year of travel. Kayaking on India's most sacred river. People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in 'decades,' as the lockdown eases air pollution. Taiwan plays ball -- and broadcasts live games to the world. From Chinese controversy to Kobe's death and finally coronavirus; this NBA season will live long in the memory.

Covid lessons learned: Singapore vs Hong Kong. Recovered coronavirus patients are testing positive again. Can you get reinfected? Coronavirus Outbreak Timeline Fast Facts.

Asia news. Singapore had a model coronavirus response, then cases spiked. What happened? Hundreds of Rohingya refugees rescued after two months at sea. Strong earthquake rattles Japanese islands. The danger of ignoring this threat during Covid France's Macron positioning himself as leader of the world. Trump's disastrous response to Covid demands investigation.It is the world's most populous countrywith a population of around 1.

China emerged as one of the world's first civilizationsin the fertile basin of the Yellow River in the North China Plain. For millennia, China's political system was based on hereditary monarchies, or dynastiesbeginning with the semi-mythical Xia dynasty in 21st century BCE.

Since then, China has expanded, fractured, and re-unified numerous times. The succeeding Han dynastywhich ruled from BCE until CE, saw some of the most advanced technology at that time, including papermaking and the compassalong with agricultural and medical improvements.

The invention of gunpowder and movable type in the Tang dynasty — and Northern Song — completed the Four Great Inventions. Tang culture spread widely in Asia, as the new Silk Route brought traders to as far as Mesopotamia and the Horn of Africa. The subsequent Chinese Civil War resulted in a division of territory in when the Communist Party of China led by Mao Zedong established the People's Republic of China on mainland China while the Kuomintang -led nationalist government retreated to the island of Taiwan where it governed until when Taiwan transitioned to democracy.

The political status of Taiwan remains disputed to this day. China is a unitary one-party socialist republic and is one of the few existing socialist states.

Political dissidents and human rights groups have denounced and criticized the Chinese government for human rights abusessuppression of religious and ethnic minoritiescensorship and mass surveillanceand cracking down on protests such as in The Chinese government says that the right to subsistence and economic development is a prerequisite to other types of human rights and that the notion of human rights should take into account a country's present economic level.

Since the introduction of economic reforms inChina's economy has been one of the world's fastest-growing with annual growth rates consistently above 6 percent. SinceChina has been the world's second-largest economy by nominal GDPand sincethe largest economy in the world by PPP.

China is also the world's largest exporter and second-largest importer of goods. China is a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the world's largest standing armythe People's Liberation Armyand the second-largest defense budget. China has been characterized as a potential superpowermainly because of its massive population, large and rapidly-growing economy, and powerful military. The word "China" has been used in English since the 16th century. However, it was not a word used by the Chinese themselves during the period.

Archaeological evidence suggests that early hominids inhabited China between 2. Some principalities eventually emerged from the weakened Zhou, no longer fully obeyed the Zhou king and continually waged war with each other in the year Spring and Autumn period.F ind the best China hotel rates China Consolidates Grip on Rare Earths link to full story on the New York Times Chinese Raw Materials Curbs Break Rules: WTO click for details Toys from China will cost more click for details Trade imbalance with China up 13 times in 5 years - India's trade deficit with China has grown 13 times between andwhereas the bilateral commerce increased by three-and-a-half times, reflecting a huge advantage which accrued to the neighbouring country.

Soybeans click for details on Bloomberg China's trade policy puts squeeze on companies in U. China ranks 2nd with 8. Xinhua News. The commission said the special tariff on the two products would last through the end of this year. The previous tariff for the two fertilizers was percent. The commission also said the percent special export tariff on other fertilizers has been extended to the end of this year.

On April 20, the country started collecting a percent special tariff a tariff yet again levied on export fertilizers in addition to the common tariff rate on all fertilizer exports and some fertilizer-related raw materials through Sept. China has already levied a consumption tax on oil because the production cost of the country's fuel importers will rise.

The ban is to take effect on Wednesday. Ractopamine and ractopamine hydrochloride are stimulant drugs that are used as feed additives to promote leanness in pigs raised for their meat.

Most countries around the world had not approved their use as veterinary drugs or additive in animal feed. China prohibited their use in because of possible health risks to humans. An official with the foreign trade division under the Ministry of Commerce, who asked not to be named, told Xinhua ractopamine and ractopamine hydrochloride had no other major uses apart from use in feed additives.

The official said countries around the world had different views on ractopamine. China was banning the import of ractopamine, but also the export because of possible health risks, the official said. China's foreign trade to recover in - By Hao Yan Dec.

China and ASEAN countries impose no tariffs on 70 percent of bilateral trade goods at present, and this policy will be extended to percent next year. China raised the export tax rebate rate, seven times this year, which pushed up exports significantly.

There is limited room left for the tax-rebate policy,"said Pei. Chen Jiagui, an academician from the CASS, stressed that it is crucial mission to boost domestic consumption. Consumption growth is to be moderate next year, especially for the civil consumption. Some macro policies are needed,"he said.

The Economic Blue Book forecasts total retail sales of consumer goods may rise The WTO's dispute settlement panel urged China to bring what it termed "inconsistent measures Beijing has a minimum local content requirement of 60 percent for home produced cars.

If this level is exceeded, it then levies the same tariff on the vehicle as it would if it were imported completely built. China has said the rules aim to prevent tax evasion by companies that import whole cars as spare parts to avoid higher tariff rates. But the United States, as well as co-complainants Canada and the European Union, argued that the measure violated China's WTO accession agreement, which pledged a progressive opening up of Chinese markets.

In February, sources close to the case said that China had lost, but an official judgement was issued only on Friday. The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council will eliminate the export tariffs for wheat, rice, soybeans, vitriol and steel wire.

Virus cases surge after China revises way count is tallied

Grains are now subject to a 3-percent export levy. Special export tariffs of 50 percent on chemical fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials including yellow phosphorus, phosphate rock and phosphoric acid are expected to be canceled. Export duties for some nonferrous metals including molybdenum, tungsten and indium will be halved to 5 percent, the statement said.

The move follows several increases in export tax rebates to support overseas sales amid the global downturn.

china today

Since last August, China has increased export tax rebates seven times. China's exports fell Exports in the five months to May totaled


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