Will saves nico fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. This is one of five fanfics I plan to publish. To sum it up, the Heroes of Olympus cast starring in popular Disney movies. Each will be based around one major ship with a bunch of other mini-ships.

The original art was by Disney artists, Viria, and John Rocco. I just edited it for the cover image. Also posted this on fanfiction. Rated T just in case. But how does Percy Jackson fit into the equation and since when did Natasha have friends and a child outside of work? He is seriously starting to wonder how much exactly do the Fates despise him for him to live through so many lives but still not meet his soulmate, his supposed other half.

He's already starting to get tired of that damned soulmate flower. It's a drabble doc. That's about it. Not much other than that. His friends are worried. It winds up being a little painful. Ellis and Sherman snoop in Clarisse's footlocker. They find something disturbing.

Clarisse has been having some trouble ever since Silena died. So I did. Clarisse La Rue is a troubled girl. Gleeson Hedge is a good teacher. Mitchell has trouble sleeping. Clovis is nice enough to lend a hand. Nico's dad sends him a birthday present. He and Lou decide to have a little fun with it.

Percy gets a little insecure when it comes to love and intimacy. Annabeth reassures him. I wrote out an average head counselor's meeting at CHB. Except the Romans are there too. I have a HC that all Hypnos kids are narcoleptic. I wrote about it a little via Clovis. Will's got something that Nico needs to know about.Creds to solangelo. A deep, hollow, explosion-like sound of thunder rumbled outside the Hades cabin made Nico shake from head to toe.

Yes, Nico knew it was stupid -him being the son of the god of death- was still scared of lightning. He looked at Nico and saw eyes that were wide open and filled with terror. Will looked at Nico like he was saying some really stupid joke, not sure if he should burst into laughter or stare blankly.

No, I am just confused how -well the son of Hades is afraid of thunder. Will knew that Nico despised that song. Previous post. Next post. Hey guys! What do we do? Welcome, we write fan-fiction for a range of fandoms. We accept requests, feel free to send us an ask if you want us to write you something! Disclaimer: All Fan-Fiction posted on this blog is written by our writers, we do not post anyone else's Fan-Fiction or reblog other's Fan-Fiction.

This means that any Fic's that may be similar to something you have read somewhere else, is merely a coincidence. Original copyright for all unoriginal Fic's [eg.Don't get me wrong, I love you in black, but c'mon just one colored shirt in your closet - it's all I'm asking for!

Nico loved the way Will Solace's smirks made him feel. It was sweet, yet very salty. In their two years together so far, Will had really grown on him, smirks and all.

They both had changed, together and for the better. Will had gotten taller, although Nico was only an inch shorter. Most girls eyes lingered on Will, and he didn't blame those girls. Will could heal your shattered heart, figuratively and literally.

Son of Apollo, if you didn't recall. Nico felt less grouchy with Will. There was never an awkward moment between them. What some may call "awkward silences" were just quiet moments they both shared happily.

Will respected that Nico needed time to be a better person. In fact, Nico wasn't really a bad person, he was just filled with too much hate - but Will took care of that. Nico was a changed guy, but he didn't need more shirts. He had shirts — it just so happened that they were all black.

Nico rolled his eyes and went to go put a few colored shirts back on the racks. Nico's eyes lingered on Will as he walked to the dressing room to take it off. He really was trying, Nico thought. When Will walked out towards the racks, Nico grabbed his wrist before he could put the shirt away.

Will's smile came into view. It was like the sun, but less blinding and more inviting. Will eyed Nico for a moment, then chuckled lightly. He took the shirt from Nico's hands and before the dark haired boy could protest, Will replaced the shirt with a right sized one. As Will and Nico walked around the mall, Nico began to notice that many, many, girl's eyes lingered on Will.Percy trekked past a row of videogames with his hands in his pockets; he focused on the lotus themed floor trying to block out the blaring noise and powerful voices that bombarded his ears.

The once enticing games now made him want to curl up in a dark hole. He needed to get back to their room, slip into the hot tub and hide in the frothy waters. The elevators were within sight, a whole wall of them waiting to take the guests wherever they wished.

He picked up his pace, jogging toward them when he caught sight of Annabeth; he hesitated before deciding he should tell her where he was going. He dodged other hotel guests as he rushed to her side, wanting to get his message over with.

He touched the warm, humming, machine's side. I can't see! Her grey eyes and tan skin were glazed by the screen's blue light. Percy turned toward the game to inspect it—it looked way too much like homework with its changing numbers and blueprints to be any fun.

His head hurt from looking at it. He'd sooner give himself a wedgie before playing a game like that, and yet, his fingers twitched with the urge to try it. Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? Percy glanced at the city—it looked like any other simulated city, too small to make out details.

He rubbed his eyes, blinking at the green floor; it was tinted blue as if the light had attached itself to his retinas. Annabeth bounced on her feet. Why did he want to play it earlier?

To spend more time with her? No way, she was annoying. He crossed his arms. He left with slumped shoulders wondering what was so great about that game that she couldn't even look at him. He glared at the floor as he took large steps toward the elevator. The blue tint faded from the world, leaving everything vivid and headache-inducing.

will saves nico fanfiction

The whole place was stupid. The games sucked, it was too crowded, the people smelled, and Annabeth was being dumb. The familiar shout jolted him out of his thoughts—looking to his left, he saw Grover cackling as he shot at a lifelike virtual human, dancing in place.

will saves nico fanfiction

Percy smiled to himself at the ridiculous sight. He stepped forward to pass by when Grover's shoe flew off—it sailed through the air, over the heads of other hotel guests heading straight for Percy. Percy yelped and ducked out of the way. A bang sounded behind him. He straightened up to find people looking at him. He forced a smile onto his face watching people chuckle and walk away as he inched back until he could get the shoe without anyone noticing.

After he scooped it up, he jogged over to Grover praying people remained oblivious to his friend's hoof.Hello, people of the internet! Gods, I've always wanted to say that! This is my first fan fiction, so please review.

will saves nico fanfiction

Before I get any homophobic comments, it says in the description that this is Solangelo. If you don't like it for that reason, please just read something else, I don't want to hear your hatemongery. That being said, I hope you enjoy this story! It was their fourth year anniversary when Will had proposed. Nico and Will had just finished watching a movie and were walking around Central Park.

It fits him perfectly, with his shaggy blond hair, blindingly bright smile, brilliant blue eyes, and warm personality. This is it. He brought me out here just to break up with me. No big production or big speech.

If you want to end it, just tell me. Gods, I love you, but sometimes you are so dense. Before being with you, I didn't know what true happiness was. I learned that watching you. Nico, I love you, and contrary to what you thought, I will always love you.

Nico di Angelo, would you marry me? Nico would say that it could have only have been madness caused by love that would have caused him to do what he did next. He pulled Will up by his armpits, and mashed his lips onto Will's, kissing him with abandon. They stood there for a while, kissing, when they broke apart gasping for air. Behind us came a bark, slightly louder than a ship's horn, and a familiar voice calling out: "Well, there you are!

Glad I caught you guys when I did. We told him you guys would be awhile, but every missing camper makes him nervous. So everything went well? If you guys need any help, Annabeth and I are willing. Leo and Calypso said that they were willing to babysit. They don't do much except cry yet; they're only two, but they are adorable.

They have Annabeth's hair, and my eyes. Alexis and Kathrine. He abruptly turns and calls out behind him "I'll tell Chiron you're alright. I'd come back soon though, or you may get trampled by Chiron. O'Leary and vanished into the shadow of a tree.

As the kiss deepened, Nico's hands found their way into Will's hair, and Will's around Nico's waist, closing what little space between their bodies.

Suffice it to say that they didn't go back to camp for a while. When all was said and done, Nico shadow traveled them back to the dining pavilion which erupted in noise and light. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. After 4 years of being together Will and Nico are finally tying the knot.Will Solace was tired.

He, along with the other Apollo cabin mates, had been working 48 hours non-stop as healers for people wounded after the war-both physically and emotionally.

After roughly two days of this, Will himself wanted nothing more then walk over to the Hypnos cabin and sleep for the next ten years. But nohe chided himself as he applied fresh dressings to a wincing demigod, he was a healer first, human second. This has been his policy after the Battle of Manhattan, and that was his policy now. After about two hours more of this, Will excused himself and headed outside for some fresh air and hopefully a chance to see a face he'd been craning to see for days.

Standing on the porch of the hospital, he stretched a little and took in his surroundings—eyes skimming the crowd to find him —sending a silent prayer to Apollo that he hadn't decided to leave camp already.

Today was his lucky day however. He spotted Nico a few yards away in deep conversation with the Son of Jupiter. He waved a little, and caught Nico's eye. Nico, much to Will's delight, arrived at the foot of the porch before Will had counted to ten. This is just the prologue, explaining everything that happened to Will and Nico last in Blood of Olympus, hope you like it! Please rate and review! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Will Will Solace was tired. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5.The skeleton plot mine but they did the majority of the writing. Now the thing is that Ravyn wrote the first part entirely by herself with my plot and then she fandom jumped on me. I cried. No I didn't but I was sad to see her go. She thinks I'm funny :p. I do know that many would like me to write like this though, so enjoy and tell us what you think! Summary: That one time that Nico lost a bet to Will and had to do everything he says for a week including but not limiting to having to call him Dr.


Oh this is gonna be so good. Collab with bluelove Solangelo all the way with humor fluff and a bit of kink. Rating might go up. S Those 2 lovely ladies both have amazing Solangelo fics up and if you don't read them you are missing out.

And was it just him, or did he get paler? After a few minutes of this, Will sighed fondly, before leaning down slightly and pressing a chaste kiss to the corner of the other man's mouth. Will allowed his boyfriend a moment to come to terms, not expecting the son of Hades to suddenly turn towards him with smoldering eyes.

Will swallowed, leaning down again to capture Nico's lips, before jerking suddenly, as if coming out of a trance. His eyes narrowed, and he gently grabbed Nico's shoulders, holding him an arm away. That would be less painful. Will was so glad that Nico had gotten to the point where he could actually mention his 'vacation' in the literal hell on earth without being trapped in the memories from that time, but the comment was in bad taste nonetheless.

He glared at the much-too-cheery son of Apollo balefully. And probably the laundry, and since you're a germaphobe you'll make me take out the trash. Or Sir. I would prefer a rotation of the 3. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Let us know if you want MOAR, and if you have any suggestions. Thank you lovlies! Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. That one time that Nico lost a bet to Will and had to do everything he says for a week including but not limiting to having to call him Dr. Solace and Sir. Note: they are adults in this fic living in New Rome. They are no longer at camp.


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